NJAIFA Member's Book on MSAs

 Harold Foster, member and past president of the Passaic-Bergen AIFA, has written a book entitled APPLYING MEDICAL SAVINGS ACCOUNTS.
It is a review of the history and expansion of medical savings accounts (MSAs), a small-business insurance model for funding flexible health-care needs while building employee wealth. Topics discussed include single payer versus the market, MSAs versus managed care and MSA advantages and eligibility. It also includes a Q&A section addressing many of the questions commonly asked about MSAs.

Harold is president of Financial Supermarkets, Inc., a professional school for pre-license and continuing education courses for the insurance community, and a  full-service insurance and investment brokerage. During his presidency, the Passaic-Bergen AIFA won NAIFA's Dublin Award for community service for its work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. To obtain a copy of the book, send a check or money order for $14.95(plus $2 shipping) to: Palisade Public Press, P.O. Box 8358, Jersey City, NJ 07308. Checks should be made payable to Palisade Press, Inc.

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Applying Medical Savings Accounts