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To Enroll Simply Call:

Dear Members,

"Making Your Money Work Harder has always been the motto of Financial Supermarkets. We take great pride in providing our Members with only the highest quality products and services available.

True to our motto, we are pleased to present Med-Care Plus to our Membership. We first became aware of Med-Care Plus out of necessity. Last year, Harold was in need of surgery, and he was facing bills totaling over $10,000. With a "nothing ventured nothing gained attitude," we contacted Med-Care.

What we found was a company that believed on the same philosophy as Financial Supermarkets. They saved Harold nearly $3,700 on his doctor  and hospital bills! Not only did they save Harold's hard-earned money, they showed genuine concern for his needs.

Based upon our positive experiences with Med-Care, we are now proud to offer you and your family Med-Care _Plus. In addition to the medical savings program we have spoken so highly of, Med-Care Plus offers savings on pharmacy, vision, chiropractic and alternative healthcare. All of this plus the ability to talk with a Registered Nurse 24 hours-a-day to help you make educated decisions regarding your healthcare.

Med-Care Plus offers two programs to choose from, both of which can "Make Your Money Work Harder." We know your experiences with Med-Care will be as positive as ours. And as always...make it a great day.

Harold E. Foster

Med-Care Plus

International Med-Care
P.O. Box 34717
San Antonio, Texas 78265

This membership is not health insurance nor is it intended to replace health insurance.

Med-Care Plus Members Can Say...
Yes to significant savings on hospital and physician's fees
Yes to immediate eligibility
Yes to unlimited access
Yes to inclusion of ALL medical procedures
No to deductibles
No to member claim forms
No to age limits
No to qualifying examinations
 No pre-exiting conditions limitations
No limits on savings

Med-Care Plus 
Medical Savings Plan

Med-Care Plus understands how today's healthcare system does and does not work for the average family. The Med-Care Plus mission is to help families stretch their healthcare dollars by offering a plan that provides quality medical care at savings of up to 25% and more. This innovative healthcare program can save your family thousands of dollars a year, yet costs only pennies a day.

Med-Care Plus has created a healthcare network that offers your family access to quality, affordable healthcare with no limitations and no exclusions. Med-Care Plus helps Members remain in control of their healthcare decisions by offering thousands of physicians, hospitals, labs, and other healthcare facilities to choose from. Members have complete control over the providers they see and the treatments they receive. Anytime a Member utilizes a Med-Care Plus provider or facility, they will save money. The Med-Care  Plus Network includes over:

450,000 Physicians
6,500 Hospitals
55,000 Ancillary Facilities

Med-Care Plus is proud to provide our Members with Complete Care. our Physician Network represents over 200 specialties, including many specialties often excluded by insurance plans such as:

Chemical Dependency Counseling & Rehabilitation
Infertility Services
Plastic Surgery
Psychiatry & Psychology
Marriage & Family Counseling
And Many More

Med-Care Plus is a savings option for anyone. with or without insurance, who pays directly for any medical services. Med-Care Plus can be used for services limited and denied by an insurer; for services required during a waiting period; for health problems that are excluded as a pre-existing condition; or for non-essential services such as cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, and laser eye surgery.

Med-Care Plus 
Vision Plan

With an industry average mark-up of over 200% and more on eyewear, frames, lenses, contact lenses, and solutions, your family cannot afford to be without a quality vision savings plan. That is why Med-Care Plus offers:

Savings on up to 50% on:
Prescription Lenses
Non-Prescription Sun Glasses
Mail Order Contact Lenses
Sports Glasses

Additionally, Med-Care Plus offers:
Discounts on Eye Exams
9at selected locations - where approved)
Unlimited Selection and Quantities
Free Minor Eyewear Adjustments
No Pre-existing Conditions imitations

With a geographically diverse panel of over 8,000 providers nationwide, 85% of the U.S. population resides within a 15 mile drive of one of our vision providers.

Med-Care Plus 
Pharmacy Discount Plan

Med-Care Plus has created one of the most unique, multi-layered pharmacy programs ever! With Med-Care Plus. Members will be able to determine which is more is important to them, savings or convenience.

Superior Savings
1,570 + Kmart Locations Nationwide

At any Kmart Pharmacy, Members will receive 40% off of the average wholesale price (AWP) on generic drugs and 15% off of the AWP on brand name prescriptions. Members will be charged a $1.50 dispensing fee per prescription.

Choice Savings
22,000 Pharmacies Nationwide

While Kmart is a major national chain, we realize that there isn't always a Kmart convenient to every Member. That is why we established the "Choice Network." At any Choice Network Pharmacy, Members will receive 25% off of the AWP on generic drugs and 115% off of the AWP on brand name prescriptions. Members will be charged a $2.25 dispensing fee per prescription.

Bartell Drugs
Giant Food
Medicine Shoppe
Winn Dixie
Giant Eagle
Price Chopper
Drug Emporium
Plus over 2,000 independent pharmacies.

Preferred Savings
25,000 Pharmacies Nationwide

If a Member doesn't find their favorite pharmacy in the Choice Network, discounts will be available at over 25,000 additional pharmacies nationwide through our "Preferred Network."  At any Preferred Network Pharmacy, Members will receive 13% off of the AWP for brand name drugs and an equal or greater discount for generic drugs (based upon cost factors).

Price Costco
Shop N Save
Tom Thumb
Kash n Karry
Med-RX Drug
Kinney Drugs
Medicine Chest
Payless Pharmacy
Rite Aid
Thrift Drug Store
Weis Pharmacy
Longs Drug Store
Sav-on Drugs

Mail Order Pharmacy
In addition to the substantial neighborhood pharmacy network, Members will also have access to a mail order pharmacy center. Members with maintenance pharmaceutical needs will receive the greatest savings available by utilizing this aspect of the programs.

Med-Care Plus
Chiropractic & Alternative Care

According to recent studies, over 40% of Americans report using some form of alternative treatments. Recognizing this trend in healthcare, Med-Care Plus offers point-of-service savings at over 20,000 locations nationwide. providers include:

Massage Therapy
Holistic Medicine

The Med-Care Plus Chiropractic Plan offers:

Free Initial Consultation
50% Savings on all Diagnostic Services
50% Savings on X-Rays (if Necessary)*
30% Savings on all Other Services
(*Except in CO)

All other alternative health care providers services and treatments are offered at 20-30% savings.

Med-Care Plus
Nurse-On Call

Med-Care Plus realizes that the best way to save our Members' money is to help them make educated medical decisions. Nurse-On-Call was developed on the premise that maintaining good health starts with asking questions and understanding the answers. Our multi-lingual Registered Nurses can help you take an active part in managing your  healthcare.

Now you may speak to a Registered Nurse 24 hours-a day.

  • Poison control

  • Burn Treatment

  • Newborn Assistance

  • Drug Interaction

  • High Fever

  • Support Group Referral

Health Information Library

Our Nurse-On-Call Program also offers over 1,000 recorded health messages, Simply call our toll-free number to access audio messages on many of your healthcare needs. After listening, you may have the information faxed to you simply by following the telephone prompts.

Peace Of Mind Around The Clock

Med-Care Plus Enrollment

Med-Care Plus understands that nobody knows your family's healthcare needs better than you. That is why we offer two plans from which you may choose.

Healthcare Horizon
$149.95 Annually ( Entire Family )

Medical Savings
Local Pharmacy Savings
Mail Order Pharmacy
Vision Savings
Chiropractic & Alternative Savings

Medical Management
$99.95 Annually ( Entire Family )

Medical Savings

To Enroll Simply Call

Have your Visa, MsterCard or American Express, and the Group Number 1020326 ready for prompt service.

You must have a major credit card to obtain medical savings through Med-Care Plus.

You should receive your complete enrollment packet within four weeks.


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